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Management Services

Hilo Coconut Island
Owning real estate that you intend to rent can be a lucrative investment as long as you make sure that it is properly managed. Taking care of the many tasks involved with owning a rental property requires a great deal of time commitment, which can be difficult to do. With help from Day-Lum Rentals & Management, Inc., you can ensure that your rental property is managed efficiently in order to make the most of your real estate investment. We have solid experience managing rental properties throughout East Hawaii, including the Hamakua Coast, Volcano and Hilo. When you choose us for property management, you can count on getting exceptional service.

The property management team at Day-Lum Rentals & Management, Inc. can handle all of your maintenance and repair needs, collect rent from your tenants on a regular basis, screen new tenants and provide you with financial information on your rental property. When you let us take care of your property management needs, you can count on us to help you maximize your real estate investment.